Ant Control

Ants are at the top of the list when it comes to pesky critters. They work together and inhabit households with extreme speed. In a matter of minutes your kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, or dining room floor can be covered with hundreds of thousands of ants. In an effort to scavenge for food and supplies, they are capable of destroying a comfortable home quickly and making your life miserable.

A Sizeable Enemy

An ant colony can be anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 in size. With the capability of lasting over a decade, these unrelenting insects will pop up unexpectedly and never go away.

Common Ant Facts

Size and Shape: The ant has six legs like all insects and they are connected to a segmented abdomen that is oval in shape. They range in color from jet black, to browns and reds.

Environment: Ants live in a colony that is dominated by a queen. The different types of ants live in various areas of the world depending on the weather and habitat. Most are found in a hot climate.

Activity: Ants are all about building and sustaining their colony and queen. They are in constant search for food and supplies. They are separated into castes of workers and, depending on the stage in their life, they will care for the queen, forage for food and supplies, or protect the colony.

Interesting Information About Ants

• The queen ant lays the eggs and the worker ants take care of them
• Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight
• If an ant finds a trustworthy food source they will leave a scent that other ants can follow
• Ant brains are the largest among all insects with an average of 250,000 brain cells

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