Honey Bees

An essential insect, honey bees pollinate our flowers and fruit. Without them our way of life would be very different. But what makes these insects so successful is also what makes them so dangerous. Honey bee colonies work like a well oiled machine. With a clear division of labor and an unwavering dedication to their hive, these are insects to be respected. While out foraging for pollen, they are relatively harmless. If a nest is nearby, however, watch out. Provoked honey bees will attack the face around the eyes, nose, and mouth; attracted to the carbon dioxide that is exhaled. If you happen to be close to an Africanized honey bee hive, the risk of this happening is greatly increased. The presence of a hive should be dealt with sooner than later, as bee hives have a tendency to grow very quickly. If it is located within the home, irreparable damage can be done to the walls and/or ceiling from the honey; possibly necessitating replacement and cleaning of large portions of drywall and interior voids.

Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. provides a comprehensive bee treatment. We will eliminate the existing hive and apply products to prevent future infestations. If desired, we can also remove the hive and seal the bees’ entry point(s). Don’t wait another day to take care of your bee problem, give us a call.

Wasp Control

Depending on where you live in California, wasps can be a serious problem. Their stings are painful but that is nothing compared to the serious side effects that may be brought on by an attack such as an uncontrollable allergic reaction.

These little pests rarely interact with humans unless they feel that their nest is under attack. When they feel that their territory is being harassed, they can become highly aggressive and will strike at your home and your family.

  • Wasps are recognizable by their black and yellow stripes
  • Most wasps are social creatures and live in nests of up to 10,000
  • There are 4,000 types of wasps in the United States
  • Social wasps live for only one year
  • The queen wasp can live several years
  • Wasps are attracted to sweets and various meats

What to do if a wasp stings you

When a wasp attacks and stings its victim, it injects protein venom that is painful and can cause serious allergic reactions such as hives, wide spread swelling, faintness, dizzy spells, and trouble breathing. These suggestions will help ease a normal sting and reduce the effects.

  • Apply extremely cold water or ice to the injection site
  • Lie down and relax
  • Drink plenty of fluids but do not ingest alcoholic beverages
  • Lower the area of the body that was introduced to the venom
  • If the symptoms persist and/or reach extremes seek medical attention immediately

Call Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. today to access the size and growth of your wasp infestation. We will work quickly and safely to return your home back to a wasp-free zone.