Pocket Gophers

Pocket gophers are one of those pests that you don’t even know exist until they are making large holes in your yard. Aerating the soil with their tunnels is among their positive contributions. Among their negative contributions, however, is the fact that they damage ornamental vegetation’s roots and may possibly even kill them. Citrus trees and rose bushes seem to be among their favorites, and grass lawns provide the perfect soil for them to burrow through with little difficulty. Being that gophers have poor eyesight and will only travel a few feet from their hole, many mounds must be made in order for them to find their food. They usually live alone, but a single one has the potential to make dozens of holes over the period of a couple months. The tunnels between these holes lie only a few inches below the surface, very often collapsing when stepped on. This is an obvious hazard that leads to twisted ankles or worse.

Control of this pest problem is notoriously difficult. Once one gopher is eliminated, another is likely to move in soon after. Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. offers an ongoing gopher service that provides control over the course of the treatment. Taking care of the problem now will save you money in the long run, so give us a call.

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