Whether you own your home or rent a home, condo, or town home, we have residential services that are tailored to your pest control needs.

Hired Gun Exterminating has a staff of certified pest control technicians ready to tackle any residential pest control problem that you have.

Pests in your home are not just an annoyance, but can pose some serious health problems as well. The Hired Gun Exterminating pros are highly qualified to diagnose the exact pest control problem you have and will design a program to rid your home of the problem.

Here’s a Partial List of Our Residential Services

Pest Control – With over 25 years of residential pest control services and a trained staff, Hired Gun Exterminating knows exactly how to get rid of any pest problems. Our pest control programs and services will get your home pest-free quickly with no harmful chemicals.

Termite Control – Termites are one of the most destructive pests there are. They can cause major damage to your home often before you realize it. Hired Gun Exterminating technicians are trained to locate hidden termite nests and develop programs to eliminate them. Our Yearly Subterranean Termite Warranty program is perfect to prevent structural damage to your valuable home.

Rodent Control – Rodents in your home are one of the most aggravating pest problems that you can have. Nothing is more alarming than to see a mouse or rat running around the house. Whether you have mice, pack rats, or roof rats, Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. has programs that will effectively rid your home of these pests.

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