Mice Control

Rodents are instinctively shy and therefore hard to see and eliminate. But rats and mice can be a serious menace. Not only can they destroy your property but they can also spread serious diseases that could harm you and your family. These creatures are sneaky and can even be aggressive. They become dependent on your home for security and can present a serious infestation problem if not dealt with immediately. Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. will inspect your property and then effectively exterminate your rodent dilemma.

Rat Facts

  • Household rats are aggressive when confronted and will bite
  • Rats are alarmed by traps and are almost impossible to catch that way
  • They live in walls, under porches, and other hard to reach places
  • These pests can carry and introduce various diseases into your household
  • Rats will carry disease-carrying bugs such as lice, fleas, and ticks into your house

Mice Facts

  • House mice invade your home in search of food and warmth
  • Two mice can produce a family up to 200 in size in a couple of months
  • They contaminate all food that they touch
  • Mice spread disease rapidly and their urine is dangerous to humans

Hantavirus and Prevention

The number one reason to exterminate a rodent infestation is the serious diseases they carry. In fact, Hantavirus is a serious syndrome that can result in death. Preventing diseases such as Hantavirus from affecting your family all starts with rodent control. These simple suggestions will help you avoid serious problems.

  • Keep your home clean and all food stored in safe containers
  • Seal any large gaps, cracks, and holes that are on the outside of your home
  • Remove any piles of trash and/or debris that are around your house
  • Trim any overgrown plants and trees in your yard
  • Make sure all windows and doors are sealed

Hired Gun Exterminating will come to your home and recommend the quickest and safest method to get rid of your rodent problem. Call us today to set up an appointment: 909-980-3336