Indoor Cockroaches/German Cockroach

Nothing is more disconcerting to a homeowner than seeing a cockroach running across the kitchen floor. When one is seen, chances are there are many more hiding elsewhere. When many are seen, there is reason for concern. The infamous German cockroach can go from newly hatched egg to reproducing adult within a matter of three months, four times quicker than its larger cousin, the sewer roach. It can easily be identified by the two stripes running down its back from the head to the thorax. They feed upon just about any food source and can overwhelm a home within a matter of months if not dealt with immediately.

Maintaining a sanitary environment is the most important factor in controlling this pest. For complete elimination, however, the professionals at Hired Gun Exterminating Inc. Once the German cockroach has been introduced, it takes very little in the way of food and water to sustain a viable population. The pest control technicians are trained to know where the roaches are hiding, breeding, and traveling; and have services designed specifically to deal with this insect. Professional treatment means that you the customer can feel secure in knowing that the source of the infestation is being taken care of, leaving little to chance.

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Outdoor roaches/Sewer and Oriental

When waking up in the morning, the last thing you want to see as you make a cup of coffee is a two inch long flying cockroach. This unfortunately, is a common occurrence across the U.S. These cockroaches, the oriental, and more specifically the sewer cockroach, breed outdoors for the most part, but find their way indoors when looking for cooler locations during the summer, or warmer places in the winter. They come up through outdoor and even indoor plumbing, and breed in water meter boxes, parks, and golf courses. Resilient insects that they are, they make appearances in all seasons, and are not as susceptible to weather conditions as most other outdoor breeding pests. During times of drought or excessive rain, they simply relocate, usually into your home.

Unlike the German and brown-banded cockroaches, control of these pests is not a simple matter of eliminating all that are within a structure. Because they come mainly from the outside or up plumbing, ongoing pest control services are necessary in order to eliminate this bug once it enters the yard or house. Utilizing Hired Gun Exterminating in conjunction with proper screening of drains and other entry points will greatly minimize, if not completely eradicate their presence.

To get more information on how we can get rid of any pest problem with a wide variety of pest control programs that Hired Gun Exterminating has to offer, please call us at 909-980-3336.

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